President Obama and members of Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


It Cuts Medicare Advantage Benefits $206 Billion and
slashes other Medicare Spending $259 Billion
TOTAL CUTS = $ 455 Billion in Medicare

Seniors can’t afford those cuts.

The law hurts Medicare beneficiaries. It takes money out of seniors’ pockets.  It
will cut Medicare benefits.  It threatens quality health care for seniors.

Find out the Medicare Advantage Members Affected by State and Medicare Advantage Plans Affected by State

President Obama promised,
“If you like the health insurance you have, you will be able to
keep it.”

Fact is:
The President and Members of Congress broke that Promise.

Fact is:
Seniors in a Medicare Advantage Plan will not get to keep what they have today.

Tell them to put the money back into Medicare.

Fact is:

  • Nearly 12 million Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage –
    that’s over 20% of the entire Medicare program
  • Medicare Advantage serves many low- and moderate-income seniors. The federal government reports that half of seniors in Medicare Advantage earn less than $20,000 a year.  They’ll suffer the most.
  • Secretary Sebelius was cited as failing to warn that cuts to the Medicare program are so drastic that seniors’ access to providers could be jeopardized.
  • Seniors depend on Medicare Advantage plans for additional benefits that are not included in traditional Medicare like coordinated care, disease management, lower out-of-pocket costs, reduced premiums for Part B and Part D, wellness programs, dental and vision care and more.